Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent
Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent
Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent
Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent
Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent
Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent
Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent

Helmet Italy Sideral Gray MM Independent

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Finally available on the Web Site is MM Independent's Italia Grigio Siderale Helmet: the MM Independent jet helmet gets a makeover in a stunning sidereal gray version, embellished with exclusive Chrometech silver trim and enriched with the characteristic details that distinguish the helmets of the MM line.

This Special Edition is further embellished with fascinating representations of Italy as seen from space, positioned on the sides of the helmet, offering a unique and celebratory view of the nation. This model represents the pinnacle of the"L'Italia in Testa" series, combining excellent craftsmanship and a sense of belonging.

Main features of the helmet:

  • Manufacturing: A proud representative of Made in Italy, the helmet guarantees unparalleled quality craftsmanship from the best Italian artisans.
  • Approval: Guaranteed compliance with the 22.06 standard, thus ensuring safety and reliability.
  • Limited Edition: Rarity is ensured by a production limited to only 300 pieces, making each helmet a unique and collectible item.
  • Night Visibility: Reflective coloring, enhanced by Chrometech® technology, provides exceptional visibility at night, increasing driver safety.
  • Comfort and Durability: Designed with the user's well-being in mind, the helmet combines comfort, durability and practicality, making it ideal for extended use.

Distinctive details:

  • Silver Chrometech® trim: Not only a classy aesthetic touch, but also an added feature for visibility. Chrometech® technology provides superior reflectivity, making the helmet highly visible in all light conditions and contributing to rider safety.
  • Details and Packaging: Each helmet is treated as a work of art, with meticulous attention to detail and finish, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality.
  • High Quality Materials: The use of premium materials, including the ABS shell with minimalist design, carbon-supported spherical visor and micrometric buckle, reflects the commitment to choosing the best components.

In summary, this edition of the MM Independent Jet Helmet is not only a high-quality safety equipment, but also a symbol of elegance, innovation and national pride, representing a perfect fusion of form and function.

Data Sheet:

Specific Paints for increased weather resistance.
Product 100% Made in Italy built with the best materials by Expert Craftsmen. Each helmet is made with the utmost care and with great attention todetail and finish.

Shell Material: ABS
Homologation 22.06
: clear, with UV sun filter treatment
Interior Material: high sweat absorption fabric and micro-perforated mesh .
Fabrics with silver ion treatment for effective bacterio-staticity.
Spherical visor with anti-scratch treatment and radiation absorption up to 400 microns (UV absorber) with stitched leather edge and aeronautical carbon support supports.
Chin strap with micrometric buckle.

XS 53-54
XL 61-62
The head circumference measurement should be taken just above the ears.

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What Our Customers Say About Us


Beautiful product, I bought and received my Sicily helmet on time. Serious and very professional company, the helmet is unique, original, finished and fully represents my Sicily. Value for money excellent and contacts with the company equally excellent. Advice as a friend, have a look around the site, you will buy for sure. Semper fidelis


It's a unique helmet of excellent and very first quality, I'm from Naples, I got the one with the vivid images that was beautiful but particularly unique in my country! Only I have a helmet designed down to the smallest detail and centred on the symbols and idols of each city.


Today I received my Historical Football helmet: a marvel. Comfortable, detailed and beautiful. Definitely value for money is there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will be back to see you for other purchases.


Already purchased, fantastic very detailed and very well finished


Wonderful... Nothing more to add

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